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Access Control

An effective electronic access control system provides enhanced security for your facility by managing entry, creating an audit trail and enabling you to instantly add or remove “keys” from your system. The technology is rapidly evolving, and Walsh experts can help you select and deploy integrated, scalable solutions that will meet your needs, now and in the future. The benefits can include increased safety and productivity, as well as improved risk management and reduced operating expenses.

Keypad reader systems require the keypad entry of a personal identification number (PIN) to identify yourself. Credential reader systems require the presentation of an electronic card, key fob or smart phone. Biometric reader systems operate by scanning part of you – eyes (iris), finger and hand (print, vein pattern and geometry), or facial recognition and may be used for elevated body temperature (EBT) detection (newest technology).

Schlage Keypad Access Control

Each individual’s access privileges can be tailored to specific doors, times of day, days of the week and holidays. Temporary privileges can be defined by specific start and stop dates.

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Automatic Unlock

The feature allows selected electronic-controlled doors to be automatically unlocked during specified times, if desired, without requiring the use of an access credential.

Audit Trail Reporting

AMAG Access Control with Audit Trail Reporting

Records of access control transactions are collected and stored in a database and available for review, as needed. The records can be sorted by types of transactions, specific ranges of dates or times, individual doors and credentials. Transactions can include valid access, invalid access attempt, door held open too long, door forced open, equipment failure condition or power failure condition. A nearly infinite number of customized reports can be created with the highly flexible system.

Day-to-day Operation

Electronic access control systems streamline daily operations – including replacing lost or damaged credentials, changing access privileges, activating access for new employees, blocking access for terminated employees, changing the auto-unlock feature and more.

Electronic access control systems save you money and time, since a lost key could require rekeying the entire facility. A lost key fob or key card can be deactivated and replaced in a few minutes, costing only a few dollars.

In special situations, the system can also be used to quickly initiate an emergency lockdown or to research access history and help recover missing assets.

Monitored Doors

If desired, an access control system can monitor doors that are not card reader controlled or automatically locked. A door position switch notifies the system when the monitored door is opened, so a programmed action such as sounding an alarm is activated.

Elevator Control

Allegion Elevator Access Control

An access control credential reader can be installed at the elevator lobby to activate the elevator call button. Upon entering, an individual may travel to any floor served by the elevator. To restrict access to individual floors, a credential reader can be installed in the elevator cab to activate restricted floor buttons.

Networked and Standalone Systems

Based on your needs and budget, both networked and standalone systems are available through Walsh. With a networked system, you can control all doors from a single or remote location. Adding or removing credentials is facilitated, and you can quickly lock down all doors in the case of an emergency. Where cost is a factor, standalone systems can be installed at the individual key doors they control.

Powering Your Electronic Security Solution

Powering Your Electronic Security Station

Reliable power technology is key to maintaining the effectiveness of your electronic security system and components. Standard batteries are used to enable wireless environments, and some systems send email reminders when the batteries are starting to run low. In wired applications, we use low-voltage (12vdc or 24vdc) and PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions.

PoE access control and surveillance camera systems take advantage of the network for both power and data – eliminating the need for additional wiring. This streamlines the installation process, reduces cost and enables real-time door status monitoring and alarm notifications. PoE solutions can be designed to secure a single building or an entire campus.

PoE-enabled networks can also help you achieve your sustainability goals. Standby power consumption is reduced by up to 73%, with peak power consumption of 7 watts per lock.

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