Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Detection

Innovative technology to help keep people and facilities safe!

With the global outbreak of coronavirus, it is essential to detect elevated body temperatures to help minimize and slow the spread of viruses and infection.

EBT Detection with Access Control

Access Control with EBT Detection

Walsh offers contactless biometric access control with elevated body temperature (EBT) detection. Paired with a wave-to-open automatic door opener, this technology offers touchless access control to your building while helping to screen for illness. Using biometrics, this access control device screens body temperatures. Users with approved credentials and an EBT will be denied access to the building. This temperature screening accuracy is comparable to FDA thermal gun results, does not require a screener, and helps ensure those entering the building are healthy and helps protect employees and visitors from potential infection. Combined with facial recognition, using a 21 MP camera, the device can perform high throughput face recognition with temperature checks up to 15 users per minute.

Surveillance Cameras with EBT Detection

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect an elevated body temperature. If the temperature of a key area of the skin (such as the corner of the eye or forehead) is above average, the individual may be selected for additional screening.


From real-time, easy-to-use dashboard reports to email notifications, this innovative technology keeps building administrators informed.

Surveillance Cameras with EBT Detection


These state-of-the-art devices are compatible with many access control systems and software, offering a great enhancement to new and existing systems. It may also serve as a stand-alone unit.

Commercial facilities and institutions need solutions to help keep their employees and visitors safer. Walsh has the technology and know-how to help!

Just ask! Our electronic security experts can help you select and integrate solutions to improve the safety, security and productivity of your people, facilities and operations.

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