Electronic vs. Manual Door Hardware

Whichever you choose, Walsh has you covered!

Manual Locks

For many applications, manual door hardware and key systems can provide an adequate level of access control and security.

But in many other applications, electronic door hardware can provide valuable advantages as part of an electronic access control system. Keyless access – using key cards, mobile devices or biometrics – can be supported.

When integrated into an electronic security system, hardware can be operated and monitored remotely via a central security desk or your smartphone. It can be programmed to schedule automated locking and unlocking. And it can help you maintain an accurate log of staff and visitor entries and exits.

Schlage Access Control

Most doors with electronic hardware also have mechanical lock control as a backup for emergencies. Electronic hardware can also match the appearance, material and finish of manual hardware to satisfy the design requirements of buildings using a combination of electronic and manual door hardware.

Just ask!  We carry a huge selection of manual door hardware, as well as a wide inventory of electronic door hardware from America’s leading manufacturers. And our experts can help you select the optimum hardware solution, based on your needs and budget.

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