Fire Door Inspections

Know that you’re up to code – and safe!

Under the supervision of our Intertek (Warner-Hersey)-certified fire door inspector, we’ll help you  meet your Life Safety Code annual inspection requirements (NFPA101 – 2012 & 2015) as listed in NFPA80 – Opening Protectives. This comprehensive service is ideal for healthcare facilities, educational and government institutions, and commercial buildings with numerous Fire & Egress doors.

The process includes:

  • Documenting each Fire Door and/or Egress Door location.
  • Inspecting each fire-related door, frame and hardware (lockset, fire exit device, closer, hinges, threshold, etc.).
  • Testing functionality of each door system.
  • Providing detailed documentation of the inspection, upon completion.
  • Providing an easy-to-review summary of all deficiencies, along with recommendations for remediating the deficiencies.

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