Pre-installed Door Hardware by Walsh

Choose this Walsh exclusive to save time, money and headaches on your jobsite!

Pre-installation of Door Hardware

It can be a hassle to install door hardware on the jobsite – especially when you’re up against the clock to open your new building, or you don’t have enough qualified professional installers on the team.  Mistakes can be made. Inventory is easily misplaced. Trash accumulates. Time and costs add up.

Pre-installed door hardware by Walsh cuts field installation time by 50% or more.

With all hardware pre-installed by our on-staff craftsmen, installation on the job site is greatly simplified. Only one trip is required for each door opening.

All hardware is tested, accounted for and attached to each door.

Since all doors arrive complete at the jobsite, you don’t need to set up a hardware room. Plus, the potential for missing or defective hardware is significantly reduced or eliminated.

We even take care of the trash!

We recycle packaging materials at our production facility to help reduce waste disposal at the jobsite.

Just ask! We can help you calculate the potential savings in both time and money.

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