Integrating Doors & Electronic Security

Why our unique expertise in both works to your advantage!

Integrating Doors & Electronic Security

Walsh Door & Security is one of only a few companies, nationwide, with deep experience in both doors and electronic security systems. Rather than individual components, we see each entry or passage as a single working system. You enjoy one point of contact, and everything is coordinated for a smooth, quality installation.

When you work with separate door and security companies, it rarely goes so easy.

Successful integration of doors and electronic security systems requires significant coordination. Since door hardware is locked and unlocked by the access control system, they must seamlessly work together. When multiple vendors are involved, it’s difficult to know who to call if something goes wrong. The carpenter? The electrician? The door and hardware supplier? Or the card access integrator?

Walsh brings everything together under one umbrella – doors and frames, access control and video surveillance using innovative, user-friendly technology, installation and after-the-sale end-user training and service. No wonder we have so many satisfied customers across the Midwest!

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