Door Hinges & Pivots

Choose from a wide range of specialized configurations!

Door Hinges & Pivots

Hinges connect the door and frame, allowing the door to open and close. Depending on your application, there are a wide variety of configurations to choose from, including:

  • Mortise and half-mortise hinges with two, three and five knuckles
  • Spring hinges with single action or reverse action
  • Pivot hinges
  • Swing clear hinges
  • Anchor hinges
  • Detention hinges

Electrified Hinges

An electrified hinge facilitates the use of electronic locks, alarms, access control and other devices in the door. It allows low-voltage current to pass from the frame to the door, while matching the appearance of a standard architectural-gauge hinge. Wiring is completely concealed when the door is fully closed.

Aluminum Continuous Hinges

Aluminum Continuous Hinges

Featuring state-of-the-art Teflon-infused bearings and a customized lifetime lubrication process, aluminum continuous hinges cycle with quiet operation and ANSI Grade 1 performance.


Pivots are more durable than hinges and are recommended for the heaviest and highest traffic doors. The top pivot is anchored in the door head.  The bottom pivot is anchored in the floor or bottom of the door frame. The heaviest doors may require an intermediate pivot.

Just ask! Our professional project managers and estimating and detailing teams are experts with building codes and compliance and can help you select the optimum solutions for all your openings.

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