ADA Automatic Door Operators

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Automatic door operators not only meet ADA requirements by providing easy access for disabled, elderly or frail individuals, but can also provide hands-free, no skin-to-surface touch point access to help lower the spread of viruses and bacteria. They allow doors to be opened (using a wave-to-open motion detector or other device) then closed, with the aid of a motion or proximity detector to determine when it is safe. When a touchless motion detector is used to activate doors, they can help make commercial and public buildings healthier environments. Touchless auto operators are ideal for exterior and interior doors, including high-traffic door openings, such as main entrances and restrooms. Automatic door openers allow manual operation as an option for pedestrian traffic and egress in the event of a power outage.

Pre-existing door openings, along with existing ADA push buttons, may be retro-fitted with newer wave-to-open auto door opener or activation technology to eliminate the need to touch door hardware. Fewer skin-to-surface touch points in your facility provide a healthier environment for your staff, customers and visitors.

ADA Automatic Operator Types

Electro-mechanical Automatic Operators

ADA Automatic Operators

These operators automatically open when activated. Medium-duty commercial automatic operators are often used in office building, restaurant or retail applications. Heavy-duty institutional automatic operators are typically used on cross-corridor doors and other frequently used openings in hospitals, colleges and student housing. The operators are gear-driven and designed for applications where automatic operation is the primary need.

Electro-hydraulic Automatic Operators

These operators are designed for manual opening applications, where there is occasional need for automating the door to meet ADA requirements. They are electrically powered, low-energy operators.

Just ask! Our professional sales team members and project managers, along with our estimating and detailing teams are experts with building codes and compliance and can help you select the optimum solutions for all your openings. We specialize in touchless automatic door operators for new or existing door openings and can assist you in improving the health of your environment by reducing touch points.

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