Pre-sorted Door Hardware by Walsh

We can precisely package your hardware by Door # to save time at your jobsite!

Pre-sorted Door Hardware by Walsh

Time is money! Utilizing our innovative approach, you can save money and headaches during the door and hardware installation phase of your project. Opting for Pre-sorted Door Hardware by Walsh minimizes the risk of missing or misplaced hardware and multiple trips to each door in your facility. Your team won’t need to find time to organize your inventory by Door Opening #.

Pre-sorted door hardware minimizes field installation time.

With all hardware organized and packaged according to Door # by our on-staff hardware experts, installation at the jobsite is streamlined. Each clearly and consistently labeled box contains the hardware for that door, including the appropriate hinges, lockset, closer, door stop, kick plate and more. This box can be delivered directly to the appropriate door opening. Larger items, such as weather-stripping, may be packaged in another clearly labeled package.

All hardware is accounted for and pre-sorted based on your Hardware Schedule.

This approach significantly reduces or eliminates the potential for missing hardware and keeps your jobsite more organized.

Just ask! We can help you calculate the potential savings in both time and money.

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