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Walsh provides ideal commercial door and frame solutions when special environmental, security or architectural issues must be addressed. We work closely with a variety of manufacturers to provide products designed specifically to meet the requirements of each unique field application. In most cases, thanks to the use of advanced core materials, specialty doors can be designed to match the standard doors used throughout your facility.

Just ask! Our expert, in-house production team is also available to fabricate custom doors and frames to meet your specific needs.

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Sliding Barn Doors and Pocket Doors

VT Pocket Doors for the Midwest

Sliding barn doors operate parallel to the wall. Pocket doors slide open into the wall cavity. Both make more efficient use of space than traditional swinging doors, while adding aesthetically pleasing architectural interest.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) doors & frames work well in extremely corrosive environments, such as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, food processing, water and wastewater treatment, clean rooms, and high humidity applications. They can also be used as alternatives to stainless steel and hollow metal doors in schools, institutions and government facilities where high abuse may occur, significantly reducing replacement and maintenance costs. Fiberglass doors are designed for both interior and exterior applications. They can be equipped with labels to meet fire and storm rating requirements.

Stainless Steel Doors

Featuring all stainless steel components and internal reinforcements, these doors are protected from corrosion where you see it – and where you don’t. They deliver outstanding value, performance and a great look. Plus, they can be fire-rated up to 3 hours and windstorm-approved. Cores can be matched to your applications – including Polystyrene, Honeycomb, Polyurethane or Stainless Steel Stiffened. Sound-rated doors and frames are available.

Water-resistant Doors & Frames

Stainless Steel Doors for the Midwest

Watertight opening solutions are intended for use in environments where the door and frame can be washed down or pressure washed for sanitary purposes without compromising the interior construction of the door. Hardware reinforcements in the door and frame provide a sealed condition, allowing the cleaning fluids to drain.

Acoustical / Soundproof Doors

Where sound control is desired, soundproofing materials can be used in and around the door to block and absorb sound waves. Depending on the material used, sound transmission can be greatly reduced. Because sound waves travel the path of least resistance, it’s important to also consider walls and floors when designing a sound control system. Also, the hollow metal frame should be grouted during installation to minimize sound transmission through the steel framing material.

Radiation-resistant Doors

Lead-lined doors control the risk of radiation exposure in hospitals, clinics and other applications. The lead layer provides protection from x-ray and gamma radiation and neutrons. Door cores can also be embedded with lead to enhance protection against unwanted radiation.

Tornado Shelter Doors

Similar in appearance to standard steel doors, tornado doors are highly engineered door and frame assemblies, built to satisfy stringent FEMA requirements.

Flood Doors

Water and corrosion-resistant metal doors are specially designed to provide a flood barrier which will resist specific water pressure loading with minimal water penetration and seepage. Frequent inspections and replacement of worn silicone or neoprene gaskets are essential for flood door maintenance.

Fire-rated Doors

Fire Doors for the Midwest

Fire-rated doors save lives and property by facilitating egress during a fire event, inhibiting a fire from spreading and reducing smoke damage and hazards. The door’s fire rating is influenced by a number of factors – including size and composition, frame application and size, hardware and glass characteristics, and the wall.

We can provide doors and frames with the following fire ratings:

  • 3 hour
  • 1 ½ hour (90 minutes)
  • 1 hour (60 minutes)
  • ¾ hour (45 minutes)
  • 20 minutes

Fire Door Inspections available with our certified Fire Door Inspector.

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Blast-resistant Doors

To protect people and property, blast-resistant doors are being increasingly specified in government buildings, refineries, chemical storage facilities and other applications. We work closely with manufacturers to design and deliver blast-resistant doors and frames that match your critical requirements.

Bulletproof Doors

Properly designed and installed doors can provide secure protection at vulnerable openings, such as isolated utility buildings, cashier islands, currency exchanges and more. A range of bullet protection ratings are available. Indestructible core materials work to catch bullets and fragments, while providing lighter weight protection than old fashioned layers of steel. Both wood and metal bulletproof doors are available.

Panic / Safe Room Doors

We can satisfy any or all of your requirements for bullet protection, forced entry protection, blast resistance, fire rating and more. We’ll not only help you design the right door and frame assembly, we’ll work with our experienced manufacturers to deliver it.

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